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Steve Replin has been a hard money lender for 4 decades making loans on real estate and other non-real estate collateral throughout the US and internationally as well. With his attitude of "if it's not something that I would like to own at the loan amount being contemplated, then I would just rather pass on the loan as there are always 10 more loan applications right behind it." 


His philosophy regarding his clients is that if they are coming to him for a loan, it is because they really need the help. I respect that and always do my best to get loans closed as quickly as I can after we approve the collateral. After all, money is fungible, but service is not. 


I want and strive for the best word of mouth advertising and referrals that I can get. A referral is a "warm lead." If someone that a new borrower knows, likes and trusts recommends LaunchPad Cafe, then it's much more likely to have that person call us already having a basis for trust, in the "know-like-and trust" formula. 


People who are in transactions with "yesterday" needs for money seem to know others in the same circumstances. Therefore, these referrals are what I will expect to get us a steady lead resource that will outstrip our ability to fund each of the good one from the outset.


Steve takes a global view of the property and because of his experience, knows what to ask with regards to each category of property. And, if he doesn't, he knows experts to whom he can ask questions to get the proper answers. 


Stephen Replin

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