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You Need Money for Your Business But Have Nowhere to Turn

Have You Been Turned Down by Everyone You’ve Asked for Money to Start Your New Business?

Well, here is your path to the money you need without a bank or a government program.

© 2021 Stephen Replin

May 24, 2021 Do you feel abandoned by those who you thought you could count on to provide support to you in all circumstances and especially by those people who you thought loved or at least liked you a lot? But you keep asking and you keep getting excuses and no monetary help. Therefore, you need a brand-new way of approaching this issue as the old way is getting you nowhere!

After months of planning and dreaming, it’s now time to get your new business off of the ground and now you have nowhere to turn.

To you, it’s “your baby” as you may have thought of the idea, created the concept, developed the name and branding, done the research, and you just know that while it won’t be easy, your business will be a great success!

But if you are so certain, why can’t you convey your certainty and enthusiasm to your friends and family in a way that they understand and believe?

People each have their own reasons why they are not “all in” emotionally and financially when you ask for their help. Even though you probably take it personally, most of these reasons have nothing to do with you. There are as many reasons why someone wouldn’t invest in a company as there are grains of sand on a beach.

They may not actually have any spare funds at the moment.

They may not like the business is for which you are asking for the help.

They may have extra expenses to be considered at that time.

And so on, and so on…

The reason, however, is never as important to you as is the final answer which is usually no. After all, with no after no after no, the result is that your idea never has the chance to get off of the ground.

But remember that your business is merely just a dream at this point as there is no track record of revenues, profits, management, organization supply continuity, or any of 1,000 other critical elements. It is really not the fault of the potential investor as you wouldn’t invest either if the solicitation was made to you at this point.

Therefore, what is the solution to this apparently unsolvable dilemma?

Well remember that a bank turns you down because you don’t fit within their criteria of cash flow, debt to income ratio, adequacy of your collateral, business plan, employment duration and pay, and credit score among other things.

The solution is to find a lender who doesn’t attach much value or focus to these types of items.

You need a lender who doesn’t really focus on borrowers and there are actually lenders who fit the bill. But, they have to be approached in special ways and with special facts. Therefore, the solution is to find the appropriate lender, prepare your loan application in a way that will appeal to him and to send him your paperwork. What qualifies as the “appropriate lender?” Would you believe that there is an entire universe of people out there who are significantly interested in only one thing as the basis for them to approve a loan to you? And this “one thing” is the absolute safety of their principal with no margin for error. This ultimate safety is achieved not by your credit score, not from a review of your employment, and no mention of your debt-to-income ratios at any given time.

Safety is ultimately about only one thing: collateral for the loan!

Therefore, if your collateral can be easily valued, its condition verified, and a ready market for it exists in the event of the lenders need to sell it, you are on your way to a fast loan.

I’m pleased to announce that LaunchPad Café, Ltd is now offering coaching to borrowers who are in need of capital for their projects in an efficient manner that will increase the odds of a loan approval.

For a free report on the 3 items that will increase your loan approval significantly, please send me an email to and I’ll send you back our report on what these three crucial items are, free of charge.

Welcome to LaunchPad Café Ltd as we develop effective and exciting resources for all small businesses, including startups!

Best regards,

Stephen D. Replin, President

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