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LaunchPad Café, LLC is an amazingly unique company with a laser focus on the three most
important growth and income areas of our economy.

1. The first area is: to provide funding for entrepreneurs who cannot access bank financing
for any reason whatsoever. This ability to fund the business and commercial needs of
small and mid-sized businesses fills a large need in our economy.

As the domestic economy fluctuates, the interest rate outlook being cloudy, combined
with the uncertainty of the world’s economic conditions, banks are always tightening
their approval criteria for their new loan opportunities. And the result of this is that
entrepreneurs are closed out of opportunities for new funding.


This combination of factors results in a large demand for alternative financing options
for businesses financial needs.

2. The second and critical area within which the Company focuses is to provide a stream of
dependable and growing monthly dividends to our shareholders who are in search of
income opportunities. There was a thought amongst baby boomers that they could live
fairly well if they took their savings and invested it in safe bonds, CD’s and other interest
yield securities, and combined it with their social security checks, that they could live
fairly well in their retirement.

Given the prolonged period of interest rates that have hovered around 1% to 3% that
this dream is not achievable at this time. Further, who knows how long this low interest
rate environment will be present. Clearly, this yield when combined with a social
security check will not support more than an acceptable lifestyle.

Income is king, always! This is why this is a top 3 points of focus for LaunchPad Café, LLC.

3. And the third critical area is to participate in the growth of new companies, new
technologies, new product opportunities, and other new entrepreneurial concepts.
LaunchPad Café will take a portion of its income and invest in businesses that pass the
thorough review process of our committee. In that way, we will participate in the equity
of growing companies with the outlook of participating in the increasing valuation of
these portfolio companies.

Please review our website at to find out more.

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